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Welcome to cinéSARNIA

cinéSARNIA  is a not-for-profit charitable volunteer group dedicated to bringing quality Canadian and international films to the city of Sarnia.  The organization operates in conjunction with Film Circuit, part of the Toronto International Film Festival Group.  Film Circuit, which is based in Toronto, is in partnership with distributors to assemble a list of films twice a year from which the associated groups select their programmes. Currently, it consists of approximately 100 communities across Canada, of which 45 are in Ontario.

Upcoming Film

November 2 & 3

Cas & Dylan

Beautifully shot against the visually stunning backdrop of the Canadian Prairies and Rocky Mountains, Cas & Dylan is a breathtaking voyage of discovery. Priestley’s wealth of experience as an actor is obvious in the performances he extracts from his two leads. Boasting a terrific soundtrack featuring Canadian artists such as Jenn Grant and Old Man Luedecke, Cas & Dylan will appeal to audiences young and old.