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Winter 2022 has been cancelled

We wish we were back

Up until the middle of December, we were building our website so that we could offer our Winter season to you.  We had made many improvements to our method of handling subscriptions where you could purchase either a season pass or individual tickets and buy them online from our new and improved website.

But with the current state of the COVID variant “Omicron”, we no longer feel comfortable bringing us all together at this time.

So we are not going to be able to offer films for this first half of 2022.  Hopefully we can put on a new season in September.  We will update you again later in the Spring of 2022.  We are so disappointed but we need to be safe.

We have sent an email out to our 2019-2020 subscribers on December 22, informing them of the cancellation.  If you did not receive this email and would like to be on our mailing list, please go to our Contact Us page and fill in the form.